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I am neither an artist, nor the author of this idea. I let myself be inspired by the works of well-known artists.

Years ago, I visited an exhibition of Matej Kren at the Slovak National Gallery, which left me with an unforgettable impression. This led me to the idea of creating infinite space by means of mirrors. It was not my intention to copy exactly the original idea. I played with the idea: what other possiblities does playing with mirrors offer us? What various impressions and feelings can we get from the different positioning of the mirrors? While Matej Kren's focus was on books, my idea is primarilyy on the mirrors.

In studying mirror rooms, I came across the work of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, whose INFINITY MIRROR ROOM is still one of the biggest attrations in New York.

What can be done with mirrors in a simple room?

The basic element which creates an illusion of infinity is two mirrors positioned opposite each other on opposing walls. When we add more mirrors, for example on the ceiling or the floor, the impressions created expand into another dimension. This way you can play with mirrors in a three-dimensional space and create various effects and illusions of infinity.

I changed the mirror-combinations so as to bring about different effects:
2 mirrors opposite each other - Caminus and Passus
2 and 2 mirrors opposite each other - Tabularium a Spiramentum
2 and 2 and 2 mirrors opposite each other - Universum

Angles other than a right angle - Sphaera are not about the idea of infinity but about creating a kaleidoscopic effect, which you can see, for example, in Imaginarium in Prague.

Choosing the objects which are reflected in the mirrors, one has to take care that the reflection is identical with the original object. Thus, they have to be symmetrical, either centrally or axially.

I got the ideas from the world around me. That way, I reached 6 different spaces. Each of them gives you a different experience...

So come in and be taken by the illusion of inifnity!